Portraits of

Portraits of


Portraits of is a slowly-produced audio project collaging slice-of-life audio diaries from Asian Americans and folks with Asian roots. In this project, we attempt to cover a medley of voices and experiences of Asians in America and beyond as they are in their present moments: whole, complex, simple, similar, and different; ranging from their celebrations, vulnerabilities, and mundane moments in their lives.


Stepfanie Aguilar is an audio producer and artist who likes to wander outdoors.

Emma Palm is a musician, audio producer, and visual artist based in southern California.

call for diary participants

We welcome more participants! From self-guided audio diaries to intensive diaries to audio portraits, please email us audioportraitsof[a]gmail.com if you're interested in participating as a subject. Selected participants will receive a small honorarium.

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listen to the audio portraits: